Workshop »Portrait Photography«
April 21-25, 2020
Pola, Croatia

– cancelled due to Covid-19 –

As a spin-off of the Dresden-based international photography competition PORTRAITS, a new portrait photography workshop will take place in Pola (where else!).

Participants will start researching various historical and aesthetic angles and approaches to portrait photography browsing recent catalogues and publications, stroll through art exhibitions in Pola/Pula and Rijeka, European Capitol of Culture 2020, discuss different approaches and then put them into practice.

The aim of the workshop is to broaden one’s views and knowledge about contemporary positions of portrait photography, and brainstorm ideas for the next PORTRAITS competition that will start in September 2020.

Workshop participants will organise and disburse journey, board and accommodation completely on their own. Individual workshop terms and fees are to be agreed. Please contact me via e-mail or phone (+49 351 799-00000).

Photographers should bring their own photographic and post production equipment. Working language will be English or German.

(c) Carla van de Puttelaar

Martin Morgenstern (Dresden, Germany) works as a photographer, curator, journalist and university lecturer. He is the founder and project manager of the PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award, chairman of the board of Portraits Hellerau e.V. and founding member of the Dresden Forum for Contemporary Photography. In February 2020, he organised his first portrait photography workshop for photographers aged 14-19 in Hellerau, Germany. In 2019 he was appointed to the German Society for Photography (DGPh).


August Anton Tischbein (1805 -1867) – uploader was Hajotthu at de.wikipedia, Gemeinfrei,